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Well……I have never written a “President’s Message” so this may flow about as smoothly as the “La Trinidad” creek which crosses our family ranch.
The first thing I want to cover is how proud I am for all the members of the club that have done so much for the community lately.  I will outline some of them below:
1.            Provide for a $ 1000 Covid Grant to help the Jim Wells, Brooks and Duval County Medical Society cover some of the testing costs for the virus.  Includes a $400 contribution from our District Offices.
2.            Received approval and funding for a grant of $ 3,000 to provide for free swimming lessons to 75 people from our area.  Includes a $ 1500 grant from our
District Offices.
3.            Received approval for a $ 1,000 grant for Covid supplies to the Boys and Girls Club of Alice.  This includes a $ 500 match from our District Offices thanks to the generous contribution of International Bank of Commerce.
4.            We had a club project to help distribute food from the Food Bank to those needing it in the community.  We had about 6 Rotarians show up as well as two good looking and hard-working boys……they claimed Miguel was their Daddy!
5.            Held our First Annual (-11 Memorial Service on September 9th at the County Fairgrounds.  A very well attended affair which honored our fallen, military and first responders.
The next item which we have to be proud of are our new members.  We have received Ron Burke, Cynthia Carrasco, and Alma Charles (going through Orientation 9/22) into the club.  In addition to them Peter Trevino of IBC has been approved for membership waiting on his Orientation.  This will get the club to 26 members.
We have set up several committees within the club in the hopes of getting everyone involved on some level in some area they are interested. As such, many have already made an impact on the club.
The club is on track to receive three of three available club awards/citations this year. The Lend a Helping Hand District Award, Exemplary Club Recognition Award and the Rotary International Citation.
I am confident we can get these done.  One of the major steps to receive these is the Strategic Plan.
While I have set some goals that correlate with these “awards”, they are there for another purpose.  When we accomplish the steps needed to meet the goals, we are actually accomplishing our motto of Service Above Self.  We are taking the steps which define Rotary and help our neighbors that need the help.  Not only the ones in Alice but across the world.
Thank you all for getting involved and being a Rotarian.  Nothing in life feels better than helping someone in need.  And there is nothing better than being an American, except being a Texan!  We live
in a blessed place that allows us to get out and do the jobs we want and then give of ourselves to
any cause we want.  I am so pleased you all have decided to include being Rotarian as one of your channels for serving those not as fortunate as us!