Alice Rotary President 2023-2024 Ofelia Hunter

           We Create Hope in the World

President's Message,

Mission Statement:  TOGETHER we can increase our impact in the community, to unite and take action to create lasting change across our community and have good fellowship and have fun.

We are in challenging times; but, Together as Rotarians we will meet the challenges and continue to serve our community.   I would like to thank all our members who have continued to step up to the challenges. We will continue to spread the great new about Alice Rotary. 

  1. Provided $1,000 COVID-19 Grant to help the local communities.

  2. Received a grant for $3,000 to provide free swimming lessons to 75 children.

  3. Provided a grant for $1,000 to the local Boys & Girls Club for COVID-19 supplies.

  4. Provided help to distribute food from the Food Bank to those in need locally.

  5. Provided funding for the Alice Green Alliance Windmill Project at Alice Lake Findley.

  6. Held our first Annual 9-11 Memorial Service and scheduled to hold the 2nd Annual Memorial this year.

  7. Assisted in providing clothing and uniforms to help stock the Alice ISD Coyote Corner. 

  8. Last year, with the Rotary District Grant, Alice Rotary provided eye exams and glasses to Alice ISD students.

  9. This year, One of our goals is to assist our Special Needs kids and provide uniforms for their Special Olympics.

As shown by the projects completed above, we continue to work diligently to be problem-solvers for our community.

Some of my goals for Alice Rotary remain steadfast:

Increase our impact in the community – Continue to provide service to assist our community and work with other groups in our community.

Expand our Reach – Continue to grow in membership by inviting guests to our meeting and have other groups work “Together” with us to support our community.

Enhance Participant EngagementKeeping our members involved in our projects and have them share ideas to improve and create our projects while working “Together”.

Create Hope in the World is this year's theme and Alice Rotary vows to be part of that great message. As stated in our Rotary Core Values, “By honoring our past and embracing our future, WE can evolve and keep Rotary not only relevant, but Thriving.”

We are here to help one another. 



Ofelia Hunter

Rotary Club of Alice President 2023-2024

District 5930 Proud Member