HALO-Flight COVID-19 Grant
Rotary, as a whole, has dedicated its existence to “Service Above Self.” Alice Rotary Club truly takes this to heart and the same can be said for so many organizations all around the world. But for one local organization, focused on saving lives, we, here at the Alice Rotary Club, found ourselves in the amazing position to offer up a helping hand. In light of the Coronavirus basically shutting down the world and our limited access to hands on projects, we still wanted to help where there was a need.

The interest in helping the HALO-Flight organization has been on the radar for some time but was a project of our President Nena Pitts.  Sadly, we were not able, in the past, to find a way to assist them, but our Acting President, Bruce Hoffman, found a way to make this come to fruition. 

In addition to canceled fund raisers and battling unexpected excessive costs, both of which are related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), HALO-Flight continues to serve the people of our area daily at risk of contracting the virus themselves.  Having said that the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies are vital for both patient and staff protection.

This is where the Alice Rotary Club and Rotary District 5930 come in.   Acting President Hoffman, explained that the $3000 gift (HALO-Flight COVID -19 Support Grant) is a matching grant from Rotary District 5930 and the Alice Rotary Club with each contributing $1500.  This money is dedicated for the use of COVID related PPE.

HALO-Flight is a private, non-profit organization, and the exclusive air ambulance service for South Texans since 1987, HALO-Flight relies on the generous support of businesses, philanthropic organizations and individuals to keep the Mission alive every day. As mentioned before the organization has canceled many fund raisers that fund most of the actions taken to save lives. 

If you are interested in helping this life saving organization please feel free to check out their website, haloflight.org. One way you can help them out while insuring yourself is the the Guardian Plan. For more information on the Guardian Plan or to donate, please check out haloflight.org.

The Alice Rotary Club, its Board of Directors, and District 5930, are delighted to be able to help the professionals at HALO-Flight. To say we are grateful for their service to Alice and South Texas would not do justice to our feelings about their service.