Alice Rotary Club 2021-2022 Executive Board and Board of Directors 

Alice Rotary Club installed our new 2021-2022 Rotary President David Silva, Officers and Board Of Directors on June 23, 2021.
Executive Board:
President: David Silva
Past President: Bruce Hoffman
Club Secretary: Sandra Bowen
Treasure: Lane Bowen
Foundation Chair & Vice President: Gail Moore Hoffman
Membership Chair: Dee Dee Arismendez
Pete Crisp
Ted Bearden
Ron Burke (03/02/2022)
Dee Dee Arismendez
Tessa Carrillo
Ofelia Hunter
Sandra Bowen
Windmill Project 2020-2021 
Alice Rotary Club has partner with Alice Green Alliance to better our environment at City of Alice Lake Findley with an aeration project. With much study, planning and dedication the Windmill Project has come full circle and now up and running. 
Thank you Alice Green Alliance, City of Alice and our Alice Rotary Club for supporting and believing in this project. 
Aeration is VITAL for the wildlife being shipped from Lake Corpus Christi in the 30 mile pipeline. As the water and wildlife travel in this pipe to our lake the aeration dissolves slowly. When the wildlife enter Lake Findley from the pipeline there will be aeration for them to acclimate to our waters and help with echo system that surrounds our local lake. 
Erecting Alice Rotary Club sponsored windmill at Lake Findley
Quality Checking all parts before erecting. 
Alice Rotary Club's sponsored windmill project is ready to be installed at Lake Findley, Alice, Texas. 
Extra Mile Member Focus 
Alice Rotary Club Media Day! (Rotarian Pete Crisp) 

Rotarian and President Elect Pete Crisp took the lead on our new Media Day Fundraiser this year. Mr. Crisp utilized his knowledge of media and telecommunication to create this new technical way of showcasing our fundraising sponsors. He created the online program, sponsor line up, interviews, etc. He worked alongside Rotarians Ted Bearden, Sandra Bowen, Gail Hoffman, and President David Silva. He was excited several other Rotarians offered to read sponsorships such as Ofelia Hunter and Dee Dee Arismendez. It was a successful fundraiser and we (Alice Rotary Club) along with Mr. Crisp are looking forward to next year's Media Day Fundraiser!

(All our Alice Rotary Club Rotarians sold at least 5 sponsorships to create an awesome lineup to work with.)

Special thanks to our sponsors for always supporting our Alice Rotary Clubs Media Day and our efforts of Service Above Self in our community.